Students completing our online LTC course have learned that a person who is not other disqualified from possessing a firearm can have and carry a handgun in their home, automobile, recreational vehicle, boat, or place of business which they control the premise.  In doing so they are NOT required to have or possess a license to carry a handgun.  That’s right, you do not need the LTC to have the handgun with you at home, in your car, your boat, or at the work when you own and control that business – BUT, everywhere else, you need the LTC.

First responders and volunteers are going to encounter and interact with the public when things are going along business as usual, and when things are going wrong.  An EMS responding to a car crash could easily roll-up on a crash scene where people have their handguns; firefighters responding to a BBQ fire are likely to encounter homeowners with guns in the house; and community volunteers at public events are very likely to interact with regular folks who carry handguns.

On any average day, the likelihood is fairly high that first responders and volunteers will encounter someone in public that is in possession of a, most likely concealed, handgun whether licensed or unlicensed.  The likelihood increases if the circumstances are changed to during an emergency, after a tornado or flood, or any other time when life and property are exposed to jeopardy.

Also, certain places like schools, hospitals, and churches are prohibited places to carry a handgun even if you hold a LTC.  While some of these places are prohibited places only if they are posted with the appropriate signs.   Other locations are simply prohibited places.  And, while it may be an exception if you have written permission from the administrator of the premise to carry a handgun on that premise, it is unlikely that written permission covers other similar locations.

That’s why I believe every first responder and volunteer should be informed and competent in LTC laws and regulations.

There is another reason why I believe every first responder and volunteer should hold the LTC.  During an emergency, professional and volunteers work together to respond to events and do so to help serve those in need.

What more effective and affordable means is available other than the online LTC course to learn and understand the laws and regulations regarding handguns in public places?

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