Recently I listened to the news reports about both our Governor and Lt. Governor presenting their thoughts regarding what Texas should do in response to Santa Fe.  My first thought is to encourage this discussion. My second thought is to diligently stay on point and avoid the clutter of myth and mistake from contaminating the dialog that is good for us to have.  The point I want to make is…Guns are effective in preserving our freedoms.

Innovation in Space and in Military capabilities often leads to new and improved technology which benefits ordinary people like you and me.  Early in this Country’s history President Washington and others, in agreement and cooperation with Congress and the American people recognized that the safety and security of our way of life rests in the armament of the American people.  A simple study of Harper’s Ferry, Colt and Springfield Armory and even the Texas Rangers confirm that firearms and American freedoms are tightly interconnected.  Colt is said to have made the statement of the innovative Colt-Walker pistol the “It would take a Texan to shoot it.”

The Civil War, Texas-Mexico War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, 9-11, Desert Storm, IRAQ, Afghanistan each illustrate innovation in technology for military success.  Eventually, the Colt-Walker Revolver, the Springfield Rifle, the Henry Rifle, the Browning semiautomatic action and even the Armor Lite rifles were developed to meet the needs of our military and subsequently became common household items today.

Netflix has a program that chronicles the impact of firearms innovations and how America gained the upper hand in battle and defended our country with firearms.  The transition starting from a simple ball to rifling ammunition, flint and gun powder to primer cased rounds, from inaccuracy to precision handguns and rifles.  This innovation in firearms has progressed from the founding days of this country to the present.  What hasn’t change much are the threats to our way of life.

Turn on the television, listen to the radio, read social media or drive past a high school and you will likely hear or see something about gun control and AR-15’s, the commonly called assault weapon. Who is standing behind the signs we see?  Passionate people, who are willing to speak out and demand attention on the state of our culture and the need for change — this is what I see.

Our nation has a long history related to firearms as does Texas.  Our father’s fathers fought to defend the principals and values we hold dearly.  The success they found in battle is directly related to true grit and determination to defend this Country and our Constitution.  It is also a reflection of the innovative capacity of the people in this land.

(Note:  AR stands for ArmaLite Rifle).

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