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What to expect if your card is declined:

When the card you enter into our payment system is initially authorized by the Bank or  Card Issuer they placed a hold on your account for the course price; however, if the settlement is declined by the Bank or Card Issuer because of any information mismatch, the charge will not complete and we are not paid for that declined or voided transaction. If you correct the information and resubmit the card, a second transaction will process and it could appear that you have been charged twice.  Rest assured, this is not the case; however, you might see two separate holds placed on your account on the same day.  Your Bank or Card Issuer can verify that this is the process and that the hold amount for the original transaction IS TYPICALLY RELEASED WITHIN JUST A FEW DAYS.  If you have any question, send us a note or contact your Bank to request that the hold be removed promptly.

Why we do not charge Sales Tax:

www.licensetocarry.com has not collected Texas Sales & Use Tax on this course transaction in accordance with STAR 200812253L 2008-12-16; this course is considered nontaxable training, as the program must be a formal course of instruction, tutoring, personal training or a similar activity where there is some form of interaction between student and instructor or an assessment of the knowledge obtained in the course through testing or review by the seller of the course materials.