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Online Texas CHL Class

Texas LTC Online Training

On January 1, 2016, Texas started allowing registered license holders who had a Texas CHL (Consealed Handgun License) to open carry in public.  They changed the name of the license to LTC (License to Carry).

At we offer a simplified easy approach to obtain your LTC online.  We understand that many don’t want to spend all day in a live class at a gun range.  We offer the classroom requirement for obtaining your LTC online thus minimizing your time away from home.

So to get your CHL (now called LTC) you follow these simple steps.

  1. Take our online Texas CHL class (now LTC).
  2. Take a gun handling proficiency test at a gun range with a certified instructor.
  3. Submit your application to the state for your LTC license.

It really is that easy!  

Once you have signed up for our course, you will need to provide your drivers license number to be included on your LTC-101 form that you will eventually submit to the state after the range qualification instructor signs it.

Our online Texas CHL class (now LTC) will take 4-6 hours and give you everything you need to be responsible when carrying your handgun in public.  We will answer all the questions about where you can and cannot carry your handgun.  We also instruct you about the laws of openly carrying your handgun in public.