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As a teaching organization, we understand that everyone has a different learning style and that our styles might not be the best fit for every potential student; but, we would like everyone to have the opportunity to try the course and make that decision individually.
Our goal is to provide 100% satisfaction to every student.  The content of this course is serious, and we know for some it might even be disturbing to talk so much about using deadly force against another human being. In the event, that by taking this course you decide that carrying a handgun in public is not for you, then enjoy the course and learn as much as you like; but, stop at the end of the presentation and do not attempt the written examination. Therefore, if for any reason our course does not meet your satisfaction, simply ask for a refund of the course fee prior to attempting the required written examination. Once you begin the written examination, your satisfaction is deemed as complete.
We wish you the very best and that you will enjoy this course.