Texas LTC Refresher Course & Texas Visitor Course

Regarding renewals: Per HB 48 (83rd Legislature), continuing education is no longer required for LTC renewal. License holders will simply apply online and submit the supporting documents for discounted fees or special conditions.

NOTE: It is the license holder’s responsibility to remain informed and knowledgeable of new laws.

www.licensetocarry.com knows that existing LTC holders are looking for information to stay informed about Texas LTC and is providing this modified course to do just that.  The content in the LTC Refresher & Texas Visitor Course has all of the elements required for first time applicants — except, students may browse the content at will and no written examination is administered.  As a Qualified Texas LTC Instructor, the content presented in this course is current with the laws and regulations at the time, and includes information on the most recent legislative updates as provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

The Texas Legislature meets every two years and also by special session as called by the Governor.  When laws and regulations change, this course will be updated.

Existing CHL & LTC holders will find this course useful in providing updates to help you stay informed, reinforces what you already know and serves as a continuous reminder of the obligations and responsibilities we have a LTC holders of the diligence we must have to store, carry and use our handguns safety and to always take every precaution to prevent injury to a child by a firearm.

For Texas Visitors, people who visit Texas and have questions about Texas LTC laws and regulations, this course is comprehensive and will help folks who visit Texas and who want to understand LTC in general, reciprocity between states, specifics about signs and prohibited places, carrying handguns in vehicles or requirements for college campus, parking lots or even the differences between concealed carry and open carry.  It is true that reciprocity allows individuals to travel between certain states under the authority provided by reciprocity; but as all instructors emphasize, once a person enters the State, that State has jurisdiction and the laws of the State a person is in are applicable.

This course will help those individuals who might not have taken a Texas LTC course access to the www.licensetocarry.com course for informational purposes.


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