Top 10 Reasons why students fail the LTC Proficiency Demonstration

As a firearms instructor I get to see a lot of interesting events.  Sometimes we get a good laugh, and at other times it boils down to the simple question “What were you thinking?” Successfully completing the proficiency demonstration rests in two critical areas: Having and attitude of safety first towards everyone including yourself. Knowing […]

How Gun Innovation Supports Our Freedoms

Recently I listened to the news reports about both our Governor and Lt. Governor presenting their thoughts regarding what Texas should do in response to Santa Fe.  My first thought is to encourage this discussion. My second thought is to diligently stay on point and avoid the clutter of myth and mistake from contaminating the […]

Which do you prefer, School Marshal or Teacher with LTC in the classroom?

Both of my daughters attended high school where the local police department provided School Resource Officers instead of Teachers with LTC and guns in the classroom.  As an LTC Instructor, my preference is to arm the teacher who volunteers to carry a firearm in the classroom.  Why? It’s simple for me to understand that the […]

Why Every First Responder and Community Volunteer Needs an LTC

Students completing our online LTC course have learned that a person who is not other disqualified from possessing a firearm can have and carry a handgun in their home, automobile, recreational vehicle, boat, or place of business which they control the premise.  In doing so they are NOT required to have or possess a license […]

Why I believe every American should be a Lifetime Endowment NRA member!

Our founding fathers knew that Congress, the president, and the Supreme Court must have certain powers to govern America; however, they also knew that they would abuse these powers if given the opportunity. Simply put, concentrated power, authority and money cannot be harnessed voluntarily, and the separation of powers was written into the core of […]